How to get free Facebook Credits to buy virtual items, game points and non-gaming applications

13/06/2014 16:30

For us who are fans of the games available on Facebook, Play Store or App Store; as Candy Crush Saga, Diamont Dash and etc; We know that is totally free but if we want to get better gears or alt avatar, etc we need to pay like ($3-$5) on the game to buy features.

The easiest way I found to get some dollars to be used to purchase credits for the games was through Neobux!

Neobux is a PTC site that has been online and paying for over 6 years. It is one of the most successful paid to click programs.

The members are paid to click on ads, doing mini jobs, watch videos on Youtube applications and etc.
You can transfer the credit directly to your account and use them to buy free items on games.

Some examples of how to use Neobux:


Mini Jobs

Basically, Mini Jobs are small and simple tasks for which you get instantly credited into your main balance. To access this feature, just click on the "Offers" button on the top, then select Mini Jobs.

Example of Mini Jobs available on the website:

Bonus: Mini Jobs will grant you a commission from your direct referrals earnings and will provide you with a productivity bonus for your own work. For each $1 you earn from doing Mini Jobs you'll get a 12% bonus as a standard member and a 24% bonus as a golden member.


View Advertisements

Their users click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.
After viewing the advertisement, the user gets credited with a pre-determined amount of money in their NeoBux account.

First let's describe the amount you earn per click and for each of your referral's clicks depending on the type of membership you have and the type of the exposed advertisement:

For example, if you see an ad from prolonged exposure as a Standard member, you will receive $ 0.015.
In addition to receiving the value of clicks , you will also receive:
• 1 Point

3 Adprize chances that offers real money to win for members. There are 120 prizes of $0.50 to $50 each hour offered for those, who clicked advertisements last hour. One credited advertisement is one ticket for Hourly Draw
• A chance of winning 1 of 120 prizes of $ 0.50 to $ 50 drawn each hour

Point >> this is a 'currency' of Neobux. You can use to buy benefits within the site.

With the credits you earn, you can:
- Diamond Dash >> Visit the shop to acquire magical boosts and become the tournament champion powers.
- CoasterVille >> Accelerate the game buying bundles of energy!
- Bubble Witch Saga>> Buy boosters in the shop with Facebook credits
- Buy Farm Notes for FarmVille2
- Transfer credits to your account at Poker Stars and etc.


I hope you be happy!!! Tks

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